Evanston/North Shore

The work to eliminate racism is head AND heart work

by Karen Singer, President/CEO
Posted July 7, 2016


Last week's shooting deaths were horrific. As Donique McIntosh, Co-Director of our Racial Justice Program wrote last week, "The work to eliminate racism is head AND heart work. And today my heart is heavy." (Read her essay here.)

Like most of you, I am filled with a wide range of emotions: despair, shame, outrage, confusion and a deep and unrelenting sadness. Fear, anger, and violence breed more fear, anger, and violence. We can start to see racism and profound structural inequities as intractable. And although YWCA Evanston/North Shore doesn't have easy answers to these deeply-rooted, complex problems, our commitment to fighting for racial equity is stronger than ever. We know we cannot be silent.

So we join with the many others in our communities to be the change needed to dismantle the deeply entrenched system of racism that has been created. We invite all to get engaged with this change - to have conversations, get involved and take action to make our communities more equitable for all.

Our racial justice summit in May, the Race Against Hate, our weekly lunchtime conversations, racial equity trainings, and now our equitable institutions work - are all opportunities for growth and change. In a time of despair, let's take hope from the powerful rally organized in Evanston by our young people, and the many other efforts being made to gather people for action.

We cannot sit idly by. We must come together, heal; and act as one community. Dr. Martin Luther King talked about "the urgency of now". Join us.

Thank you for your continuing commitment to the mission of YWCA Evanston/North Shore and for standing up for social justice and racial equity,

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