Richmond, VA

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YWCA launches affordable, mixed-income preschool program

parents and their children in front of building

"Building on 40 years of experience in early childhood education–and continuing its effort to get kids ready for kindergarten–the YWCA of Richmond has announced the launch of a new, mixed-income preschool program for kids ages 18 months to five years: The Sprout School.

While Richmond’s YWCA has offered high-quality early childhood education for years, the Sprout School gives the program a new name and, with it, a new approach to preparing children for kindergarten success. The school will make use of a Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum that encourages discovery, creativity, and community. As a press release from the YWCA explained, “This approach is particularly effective for vulnerable and at-risk children, but also nationally recognized as a preschool program that is highly successful for kindergarten readiness.”"

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