Austin, TX.

YWCA Greater Austin honors Women Leaders at Women of the Year Awards

The Austin Community came together to honor the Women of the Year Awards honorees.

For nearly 30 years, the YWCA Greater Austin has paid tribute to the inspirational women of Austin at their annual Women of the Year Awards Soiree. This ceremony allows the Austin community to recognize and celebrate the outstanding work of their local women leaders.

Each year, applications are accepted from community members who work directly with women in the Austin area who embody the mission of the YWCA. Peers are able to honor each other for their hard work and determination; teachers are able to recognize the great talents of their students; and lifelong activists can ensure that a legacy is remembered. Moreover, the ceremony allows younger generations of Austin women to witness the great determination and talents of some of the city’s most dedicated  and lifelong members.

"The YWCA Greater Austin is very proud of our over 100 years of service to the Austin community," says Diana Gorham, Executive Director of the YWCA Greater Austin. "We are equally proud of the fact that, for almost 30 years, the YWCA has paid tribute to the very talented, generous and creative women of Austin at our annual Women of the Year Awards Soiree."

This year, the YWCA Greater Austin honored five extraordinary local women leaders for their tireless efforts to promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all in their everyday lives and careers. Awards were given in the following categories: Racial Justice, Economic Empowerment, Leader of Promise, Lifetime Achievement, and Young Woman of Achievement.

This year's honorees included:

  • Martha Cotera, founding member of the Raza Unida Party,
  • Kathryn Krastin, a fearless advocate against domestic violence,
  • Geraldine Tucker, JD, an altruistic servant of the community,
  • State Representative Mary Edna Gonzalez, and,
  • Kayla Marie Mitchell, a courageous and accomplished high school senior.

"I was very excited about this event because we honored some amazing women who have truly had an impact on our community," says Terri Givens, YWCA board member and soiree committee chair. "I think the YWCA is a fantastic organization for their commitment to empowering women, not only through their services, but also through advocacy and volunteer work. We want to do more to get the word out about the great work that women are doing, and our honorees really exemplify that."

The Women of the Year Awards ceremony  is the YWCA Greater Austin's largest fundraising event and funds raised support the organization's work to provide vital counseling services to Austin women and families in need.The YWCA Greater Austin provides three areas of service to Austin: YW Counseling and Referral services, YWCA Continuing Education Series, and Gen YW. Each program works to serve a specific need in the community.

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