Albany, N.Y.

YWCA Orange County Unites with Local YWCA Associations in New York State for Women’s Equality Act Rally and Lobby Day

Proud staff members from YWCA Orange County pose in front of the New York State Capitol.

YWCA Orange County (N.Y.) and 20 other YWCAs based in New York gathered together for the Women’s Equality Act Rally and Lobby Day in Albany, N.Y. this past June. Thousands of New Yorkers, including local YWCAs, coalitions, and individual activists, took to the streets of the state’s capital to urge for gender equality. 

The event, hosted by the New York Women’s Equality Coalition, featured guest speakers including actress and activist Cynthia Nixon, an exciting group rally, and legislative meetings and conferences with political leaders.

Local YWCA leaders spoke on behalf of gender equality in the workforce, healthcare, and judicial environments during the day’s conferences. YWCA Orange County and the other New York State YWCAs focused on bolstering support for Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s 10-point Women’s Equality Act while in Albany.

"The YWCAs of NYS [New York State] are proud to be advocating for the passage of Governor Cuomo's 10-point Women's Equality Act. It will provide workplace protections for women, help end violence against women, and ensure women's reproductive rights,” said Christine Sadowski, Executive Director of the YWCA of Orange County.

Governor Cuomo’s plan covers a variety of issues: equal pay, pregnancy discrimination, human trafficking, sexual harassment, and protection of reproductive liberties.

Local YWCA associations from New York State stand up for gender equality at the Women’s Equality Act Rally and Lobby Day.

In the weeks following the rally, the New York state Senate passed nine out of the ten Governor’s points, excluding the tenth point, the Women’s Reproductive Health Act.

Despite the 10-point plan outcome and differing opinions, the Women’s Equality Act Rally and Lobby Day united the YWCA associations of the New York State area in their legislative advocacy efforts.

YWCA leaders learned more about the current state of pay inequality in the United States and in New York, as well as the local efforts their fellow YWCAs are making to empower women in their daily lives. 

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