White Plains, NY

YWCA White Plains Hosts Women and Money: Investing & Financial Planning for the Future Workshop

Women receive financial planning advice at the YWCA White Plains “Women and Money: Investing & Financial Planning for the Future.” 

Over 30 women attended the Women and Money: Investing & Financial Planning for the Future workshop at YWCA White Plains and Central Westchester. This program was presented by Susan E. Ganz of the Center for Wealth Preservation and moderated by Sheila Carnicelli of UBS Investment Bank.

Susan Ganz empowered attendees with a game plan and process for having an organized and well-coordinated financial life. Ganz has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industries assisting professionals, small businesses and nonprofits meet their financial potential.

Thinking about money and financing for the future can be intimidating, but Ganz helped make women feel more comfortable about these topics and encouraged them to stay on top and in charge of their finances. Ganz established a framework for women to control their financial situation and become more financially savvy and knowledgeable for themselves and as mentors for the next generation of girls.

“Susan and the YWCA helped me get a plan in motion. It is important for women to have a place where they can feel secure about discussing personal financial goals,” said one conference participant.

This winter, the YWCA White Plains dedicated resources to support women’s financial literacy.  Surveys and focus groups were conducted to find out what help women need in securing economic empowerment. The YWCA offered several workshops to encourage women to become more financially literate.  Getting Started! Budgeting Basics for Every Woman included topics such as setting goals, money management, reducing expenses, and making a spending plan. Programs such as Young Women and Money; Financial Empowerment for Women; Finding a Sponsor or Mentor: Practical Advice that Works; and Social Media and Career Management: Maximizing Your Options Using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, were also provided, aimed at women’s financial and professional advancement.

YWCAs all across the country, like YWCA White Plains, have exceptional Financial Literacy Programs which have positively affected women in their communities.

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