Bremerton, Wash.

YWCA Kitsap County's Adopt-A-Family Program is Bringing Back Holiday Sparkle to Local Families

The YWCA Kitsap County Kicks off the Adopt-a-Family Program with a Santa party. Bill Barker, the husband of the Office Manager, has been Santa for many years.

The holiday season begins early at the YWCA Kitsap County.  As soon as the Halloween decorations are put away they get started on their annual YWCA Adopt-A-Family Holiday Program.  Most of the families that they work with are struggling to make ends meet every month.  They simply don’t have extra money for Christmas gifts.  The YWCA does everything they can to try to make the holiday season a little bit brighter for these families.

Every year, in early November, the YWCA Kitsap County starts asking each of the families if they need help for the holidays.  If they do, then they are asked to fill out a form that gives the sex, age, favorite color, shoe and clothes sizes, a few wants and a few needs for each of their children.   The YWCA is blessed with many amazingly generous donors within the Kitsap County community.  These donors start calling as early as October to let the YWCA know they would like to help with the Adopt-A-Family Program.  The donors request how many children they would like to adopt and then the YWCA sends them the wish lists of each child they adopt for this special program.  

The YWCA starts buzzing with excitement and holiday joy once the gifts start pouring in.   As soon as they receive the gifts, they contact the family to let them know they can pick up their packages.  If the families don’t have transportation, then the YWCA piles the bags of gifts into their sleigh (The YWCA van) and delivers them directly to the families’ homes.  “I am always amazed by the generosity of the donors and I am moved by the excitement and appreciation of the families receiving the gifts” said Director of the YWCA Family Service Program, Debbie Brockman. “Last year I was talking to a mother of two young boys.  She was so excited to receive the gifts.  She told me, “Without the YWCA, we would not be having Christmas.  How do you tell your kids that Santa can’t afford Christmas this year? Thank goodness they get to keep believing for at least one more year.”

Thanks to the YWCA and the many supporters in the Kitsap County community more than 60 families have been adopted and will be able to celebrate Christmas this year! Thank you to YWCA Kitsap County for making such a difference in these families lives this holiday season! To learn more visit: