Washington, D.C.

YWCA National Capital Area Walks to End Modern Slavery

Members and Staff of the YWCA National Capital Area attend the Stop Modern Slavery Walk on the National Mall.

Each year thousands of supporters, nonprofits and community leaders gather to help spread the word that human trafficking is one of the fastest growing and second largest criminal industries in the world at The DC Stop Modern Slavery Walk. The DC Stop Modern Slavery Walk is held on the National Mall and focuses on putting an end to human and sex trafficking both nationally and internationally. Since DC Stop Modern Slavery’s founding in 2004, it has grown from a small group of concerned citizens to a thriving body of more than 1,200 members.

The YWCA National Capital Area has proudly participated in the walk since 2010 and serves as a resource to educate the community on this form of modern-day slavery. Human trafficking is prevalent in the DC area, which is why the YWCA National Capital Area has partnered with Stop Modern Slavery and was an honorary partner of the walk. The Social Justice department of the YWCA National Capital Area incorporates an awareness series called “Breaking the Cycle” that is meant to not only address issues of domestic violence but works to educate the community regarding heinous acts associated with violence against women and children in its various forms.

This year, prior to the walk, several non-profits a long with the YWCA National Capital Area, participated in a resource fair to showcase the work they are doing to put an end to human trafficking. Survivors of human trafficking also participated in the resource fair by sharing their stories of how they were lured into this terrible life and how they managed to get out.

The YWCA National Capital Area encourages individuals to take a stand against violence including human trafficking, which hundreds, if not thousands of local women and children face today. “The Stop Modern Slavery walk was truly an educational and inspirational experience.” says Twanisha Mitchell, Manager of Social Justice Programs “It’s so important for individuals to know that this is an issue affecting young girls and boys right here in our local community and we are honored to be given the chance to do something about it. Many of our Dream Girls were proud to be walking in support of justice and freedom for those enslaved.”

There are several resources in the community that will aid in the help of reporting acts of human trafficking behavior. To learn more on ways to identify the signs and help victims of human trafficking visit www.stopmodernslavery.org  for more information.