Fargo, N.D.

YWCA Cass Clay’s Purple Purse Success Story: How They Were Able to Pass the Most Purses.

Watch YWCA Cass Clay’s Purple Purse video, featuring local celebrities and community leaders from Fargo, North Dakota, that helped them reach 3,124 passes.
This October, to build awareness during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Allstate Foundation and the YWCA USA partnered together for the Purple Purse Campaign. 14 local YWCA associations were selected to receive 10 purses each to pass along and raise money for their local chapter. Each time a local YWCA purse was passed and registered on PurplePurse.com, The Allstate Foundation donated $10 back to that local YWCA. Within two weeks, more than 18,000 physical and virtual purses were passed, reaching the original donation goal of $175,000 to the YWCA for programs aimed at helping survivors of domestic violence and other women in need. Due to the success of the campaign and the rate at which purses were being passed, The Allstate Foundation raised the donation goal to $250,000. The 14 participating locals all did an outstanding job raising awareness through passing the purses. There is one local YWCA in particular that took an engaging and fun approach that ultimately helped them pass 3,124 purses, the most purses out of all the locals.

The YWCA Cass Clay, one of the smallest associations involved in the campaign, managed to get their whole community fired up and ready to pass the purple purse to bring an end to domestic violence. They used a variety of fun and interactive approaches to get their entire community engaged. Their main strategy was to emphasize the use of social media to spread the word because it was an easy and instantaneous way to reach out to their community.

Not only did they use the standard social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and their blog) but they also decided to create a fun video that served as the core component of their strategy. The video featured local celebrities and community leaders passing the purple purse. Not only did this video create awareness about the campaign and domestic violence in the community, it also let people know how they could help them reach their monetary goal in an engaging and fun way.

In addition to their unique video campaign, the YWCA Cass Clay also created hands on events that their local businesses, colleges and grade schools could all participate in. An example of these events would be their Purple Purse Days, where the community passed the purse, shared informational handouts and wore purple for an entire day. The YWCA Cass Clay also created their own “I Passed the Purse” stickers that they put inside the purses and shared virtually on their various social media sites. These stickers allowed participants to show their friends and co-workers that they supported Purple Purse and spread the word about domestic violence.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and support of the Fargo-Moorhead community, the YWCA Cass Clay was able to pass their ten purple purses 3,124 times and raised a grand total of over $31,000 to help end domestic violence, despite the fact that each local association had a maximum cap of raising $15,000. “As one of the smallest associations involved in the campaign, we are excited to share we had the most purse passes of any other association, as well as raised the most money,” says Executive Director Erin Prochnow. “We extend a huge thank you to everyone for passing the purple purses, raising awareness about domestic violence and working to stop the cycle of abuse in our community. We wouldn’t have been able to meet our goal without, the amazing help of all involved, and are humbled by the support we receive from the Fargo-Moorhead community.” Great job YWCA Cass Clay! We appreciate all your hard work during the Purple Purse Campaign and the work you are doing to bring an end to domestic violence. Till next October!