Newark, Del.

YWCA of Delaware’s Girl Program Seniors are College Bound

YWCA of Delaware congratulates their Girl Program graduating seniors and wishes them well as they embark on their college and career paths.
Celebration is an understatement for Delaware’s YWCA Girl program. This year marks the first year where students that have been with the program since the 9th grade have graduated.  This was a special moment for this program’s history because they have witnessed the product of their hard work to empower all these girls by helping them set academic and career related goals, as well as  create action plans to accomplish those goals. YWCA Girl is a College and Career Preparation Program that began in 2008.  It is operational in three high schools in Delaware’s New Castle County and serves more than 130 girls each year. 

The Girl Program provides a safe place for girls to express their college and career aspirations, while increasing their self confidence and community involvement. Many of the girls in this program are around the poverty level and come from a broken home. These girls face a variety of challenges which include, teen pregnancy, bullying and constant pressure from their peers to use drugs and alcohol. Many of these girls want to overcome these challenges, but have a difficult time doing so because they lack both peer and adult support. Without this program many of these girls would not even consider continuing onto college or a career track, let alone finish high school.

Candice Brooks, Youth Program Manager at the YWCA Delaware, offered her thoughts on this memorable time, “It has been a very inspiring experience working with the girls and watching them accomplish their goals. The seniors, who had to be coaxed to complete action plans a few short years ago, ended this year by giving incoming freshmen and sophomores valuable advice for reaching their goals. They have grown to understand the importance of setting goals and the fulfillment of accomplishing them; to me, that is success.”

There were a total of 26 graduating seniors and more than half were with the Delaware YWCA Girl Program since they were freshman in high school.  Of the graduating seniors, 18 were accepted to either a college or university and started this fall. The girls will be continuing their education at universities in the Delaware area, to name a few: Goldy Beacom, Delaware State University, University of Delaware, Wilmington University, and University of Hartford. Their majors range from Forensic Science and Veterinary Science to Business Management. However, the graduating seniors were not the program’s only claim to fame. In addition to the success of the seniors, 35 girls received honor roll status and five girls received distinguished honor roll.

YWCA Delaware provides a safe, respectful, welcoming environment where every woman finds the support and inspiration to reach her potential. For more information about this program or others offered at YWCA Delaware visit