2018 Graduates

As the school year is coming to an end, and our seniors are getting ready for graduation, our chapter is filled with mixed emotions. While we are all sad to see seniors leave the Scholarship House, we are equally excited to see where life takes each of them. All of our graduating seniors exemplified hard work and dedication in their four years here. Here are their stories:

Olivia Anderson
(Portland, Oregon)

Olivia, an EAGLE caddie from Rose City Golf Course first heard about the Evans from her high school counselor. After getting accepted into the EAGLE program, she worked two summers as a caddie. She reflects on her experience as a caddie as being a learning experience. She looks back at caddying as something that provided her with an opportunity to grow into a stronger and wiser woman.

Olivia will graduate from the University of Oregon with a major in geological sciences. Throughout her time in college, she was very involved within her department. She was a part of the Geology Club, The Association of Petroleum Geologists, and multiple research programs. This last winter, Olivia researched paleoseismology in Myanmar, working to create a seismic hazard map for Southeast Asia. Her time in college allowed her to work with government employees from America, China, Myanmar, Thailand and Taiwan. Some of her most memorable times in college include laughing with her friends, going to the campus theater to watch plays, making new friends, and attending field camps with her best friends within her program. Every geology major completes 12 field credits, she will never forget the nights spent on these trips around the campfires, enjoying good food with her friends and classmates.

Following graduation, her plan is to attend Czech University of Life Sciences, to pursue a master's in environmental geoscience. The program will focus on studying pollutant behavior and contamination of soils and water, as well as wastewater treatment and extraction methods. Ultimately, her future goals are to help others. Whether that be within the field of contamination and geologic hazards, by tackling social justice issues, or both, she hopes to be able to do something that she loves while also helping others.

Megan Guthrie
(Portland Oregon)

Megan caddied for two years at Waverley Country Club after hearing about the program from her golf coach. Her most memorable round was when she caddied in the same group as Jerome Kersey. Caddying taught her many things. One of the most valuable was that everything changes. “You can have one bad hole or moment, but the next can be better.” Working as a caddie also taught her that hard work and dedication get you places.

Megan graduated four terms early this winter. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a major in English, and minors in business administration, German and folklore. While in college, she was the Oregon chapter’s VP of communications, a member of the Oregon Pit Crew, a part of leisure hour junior golf program, Duck Corp, and the German Honor Society. Some of her most memorable times in college include playing videogames with housemates, going to basketball games, and meeting Ashton and Brianne Eaton.

After graduating, Megan moved back to Portland to work until she begins law school. She hopes to go to law school to earn a J.D.

Upon graduating, Megan wanted to thank her family, and her friends in the Evans Scholarship House.

Find Megan on LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/2roocjs

Quy Hoang
(Portland Oregon)

Quy Hoang was an EAGLE caddie at Eastmoreland Golf Course for two summers. He first heard about the Evans Scholarship through his high school counselor. Some of his most memorable times as a caddie include caddying for the weekly mens club at Eastmoreland. He often caddied for regulars and was able to make longlasting relationships with them.

Quy will be graduating from the University of Oregon with a major in accounting. Throughout his time in college, he worked at food services. Some of his most memorable times in school were spent playing soccer and working hard on academics.

After graduation, Quy plans on returning to Portland to search for an accounting job.

Alison Olson
(Gresham, Oregon)

Alison Olson caddied for two years at Waverley Country Club. She first heard about the Evans Scholarship from her high school counselor who knew that she was on financial aid at her private college prep school. Her most memorable moment as a caddie was getting the opportunity to caddie for Peter Jacobsen. Caddying taught Alison the importance of networking with people that one may not have a whole lot in common with.

Alison will graduate the University of Oregon with a major in psychology. Throughout her time in college, she was very involved with Kultura Pilipinas (the Filipino Club). Her most memorable times in college included planning big events with Kultura Pilipinas and other Evans Scholars. While these stick out to her, she also enjoyed the more casual moments with her housemates: going out to dinner, playing games, watching movies or just staying up late talking. She notes that living in the Oregon Evans Scholarship House was an incredible experience. She is thankful for everyone she has met during her four years in college and all the friendships she’s made.

After graduating, Alison plans to move back to Gresham and work at Portland’s West Hills Touchmark as a certified nursing assistant. She also plans to finish some prerequisite classes so that she can start nursing school. Her long-term goals are to become a registered nurse and then work toward becoming a nurse practitioner.

Alison would like to give special thanks to our chapter advisors Michael and Amira. “Thank you for always helping me when I faltered. I am incredibly thankful for your support and encouragement throughout my college years. You guys are amazing!”

She would also like to give a shoutout to Helen Daniels. “Thank you for always listening to me and staying up late talking with me, but most importantly, thank you for being like a sister to me! I hope you know that you can always count on me to have your back. Living with you this past year was so much fun, and I look forward to see what great accomplishments you will conquer in the future.”

Nina Pelayo
(Bandon, Oregon -- Manila, Philippines)

Nina caddied at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort for four summer seasons. As a freshman in high school, she began working hard toward the Evans after having a brother who was awarded the scholarship. she describes her time as a caddie as hard work, but very rewarding. Her most memorable experience was the morning that she double bagged for a father and son twosome that ended up playing thirty-six holes. According to her, caddying gave her the ability to hold a conversation for multiple hours.

Nina will graduate the University of Oregon with a major in human physiology. While in college, she worked in the financial aid office and was a part of the Kultura Filipino club. Some of her fondest memories that came from her time in school were of the nightlife that surround the UO campus. They made a night with nothing to do rare.

After graduating this spring, Nina plans to move back to Bandon and work for her family's local business. After working and building up some savings, she plans to continue her education in working toward a master's degree in nutrition and dietetics. Although she realizes that a master's degree will be hard work, she is eager to continue learning. With a master's, she hopes to work as a dietitian.

With her undergraduate nearly finished, Nina would like to give a special shoutout to both of her roomates Meuy and Alaina. Also, some advice she wants to pass on to new or continuing Scholars is to never lose focus of their goals and ambitions. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I highly recommend taking advantage of it.” Also, she reminds Scholars that “college is not easy, so remember to be easy on yourselves and treat yourself when needed.”

“Enjoy the next four or however many years left in your undergrad. Call your mom, and eat your veggies!”

Find Nina Pelayo on Linkedin: https://bit.ly/2r9BSyt

Alaina Russell
(Bandon Oregon)

Alaina Russell worked as a caddie for five years at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. She began working toward the Evans after one of her friend’s older siblings was awarded the scholarship. Her favorite round she caddied was one that lasted about five days, and the other caddies she was working with were all her friends. The group she caddied for was relaxed and a lot of fun, embracing the fact that all of their caddies were friends. Caddying taught her how to make connections with people quickly and the art of how to truly engage in conversation.

Alaina will be graduating the University of Oregon with a major in human physiology and a minor in psychology. While in college, she worked for the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management. When looking back at her time, she explains that her favorite memories from college all involve her two roommates. “Without them, it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun.”

After graduation, Alaina will return back to Bandon to become a certified nursing assistant and finish up some prerequisites for nursing school. Long term, her goal is to attend graduate school and become a nurse practitioner.

As she gets ready to graduate in the coming month, Alaina wanted to give special shoutouts to her parents for always supporting her, Meuy Saechao, for keeping her sane for four years, and Nina Pelayo, for making college so much more fun.

Meuy Saechao
(Portland, Oregon)

Meuy was an EAGLE caddie at Heron Lakes Golf Club for two years in high school. She first heard about the Evans Scholarship, and the EAGLE program from her high school counselor Mrs. Schafer. Reflecting on her time as a caddie, she recalls every Tuesday being especially memorable. On Tuesdays she routinely caddied for Gerri, a member of the women’s club. She was always happy to caddie for Gerrie, as the round was often filled with laughter and insightful conversation. Looking back, Meuy says that caddying taught her valuable communications skills, allowing her to hold conversations with those she just recently met. She realizes that these skills will definitely be helpful in her future career as a nurse.

Meuy will be graduating the University of Oregon with a major in human physiology and a minor in psychology. While in school, she worked for the Designated Driver Shuttle on campus, was elected executive vice president of E-Board her sophomore year, and was involved in Be the Match, a national marrow donor program. Her most memorable times in college involved the memories she made with her roommates and friends. These lifelong memories include concerts, ice cream runs, and the not so fun, but equally memorable late-night study sessions.

After graduating this spring, Meuy will be moving back to Portland, where she will work toward becoming a certified nursing assistant. She plans to further her education by finishing up prerequisite courses she needs to apply for an accelerated nursing program. Her long-term career goal is to get a master's in nursing to become a nurse practitioner.

As Meuy gets ready to graduate, she’d like to give special shoutouts to her parents for the continuous support, Alaina Russell for being the only person she could share a room with for all four years, Nina Pelayo for making her feel tall, and Jake Keady for being an above-average friend.