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Misson Committee

Join the Discussion, Join the Committee

Come and partner with us by contributing to the focus of our work on tolerance, inclusion and diversity. We are passionate about the promotion of justice for all! For more information, please contact Diane Quan, Mission Committee Chair.

About Us:
As mentioned above, the focus of our work is on tolerance, inclusion and diversity. As racism exacerbates ever act of oppression, eliminating racism is a prerequisite to creating the inclusion and equitable society we seek.

The Mission Committee of the YWCA holds the Women for Racial Justice Breakfast annually in October, as well as informational workshops on racial justice and women's empowerment issues throughout the year.

Another project administered by the Committee is the Racial Justice Pledge, a simple statement against the prejudice that has been signed by more than 500 people in the Pasadena community.

Racial Justice Pledge (English)
Promesa de Justicia Racial (Spanish)