Economic Empowerment

YWCA was established in 1858 as a voice for women's issues, but that was only the beginning of more than 150 years of active advocacy and programming for women's economic empowerment.  YWCA was the first to pioneer employment bureaus and child care centers for women.  We also led the push for the eight-hour workday, the elimination of child labor, and creation of a minimum wage.

YWCA supports initiatives to increase the income of women, including policies that raise the minimum wage, protect overtime, strengthen equal pay, maintain the earned income tax credit, oppose the privatization of social security, and expand non-traditional training for women from all socioeconomic and racial backgrounds

Empowerment includes Financial Empowerment.   Financial empowerment is comprised of financial literacy workshops for women and girls, a Women’s Leadership Conference, the Young Women With Bright Futures program, and promotion of the Earned Income Tax and Child care Tax Credits to families.  Also included is the addition of the Ohio Benefit Bank to assist participants in applying for benefits.  A new addition is the Workforce Development project that will target women with job readiness and access to non traditional jobs.  

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