Congratulations graduates!

The end of year marks a bittersweet closing for the Colorado Evans Scholars chapter as we send off the class of 2018. This graduating class is undoubtedly distinguished in their wide variety of majors, their rigorous work ethic, and their academic merit. What truly sets them apart; however, is the deep relationships they have formed within the chapter and the extent to which they have fostered old traditions and created new ones. They have truly embraced the group living experience for all of its best and worst parts. These 14 young men and women have continued to earn the Evans Scholarship throughout the past four years, and the success they find in the future will undoubtedly be a reflection of that.

Before they said goodbye, the senior class wanted to take the opportunity to share their successes as well as their thanks to all of those who have helped them reach this point.

Cory Swanson, Bachelor of Arts in Finance
Post graduation plans: “My plan after graduation is to take a break, then work my way toward a front-end web developer role.”
Best part of Evans Scholars experience: “My favorite experience as an Evans Scholar was seeing the transformation from the old Scholarship House to the new House."
Thanks to: "Bob Webster played an instrumental role in my becoming an Evans Scholar. I owe him the biggest thanks for advising me through every step of the process, and for taking me in his groups and getting me loops so I could even qualify.”

Peter Evans, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Post graduation plans: “I plan on pursuing a career in writing and film production.”
Best part of Evans Scholars experience: “The best part of my experience as an Evans Scholar has been getting to know so many talented, unique individuals impacted by Chick's dream of sending caddies from modest backgrounds to world-class universities. Each person I have met through this program has changed my life immeasurably, and I will continue to be inspired by their stories and success.”
Thanks to: “I would first like to thank my parents and my 12 siblings for shaping me into the person I am today. Despite any obstacle or setback in my life, I have always had someone in my family to turn to for reassurance and comfort. Anything I have or will have accomplished is due to their overwhelming love and compassion. Secondly, I must thank everyone at The Alotian Club -- specifically Mr. Warren Stephens, Carl Jackson, Dan Snider, Brent Cook and of course, the late Jon Zieske -- for their impassioned support and encouragement as I pursued the Evans Scholarship during my youth. The leaders, members and staff of The Alotian Club took a special interest in my future on my first day of caddying and continue to support my professional goals to this day. Finally, I would like to thank Chick Evans and everyone at the Western Golf Association and Evans Scholars Foundation for establishing this incredible program. The Evans Scholarship has given me not only an education at the University of Colorado, but also countless memories, lifelong friendships, and the opportunity to fully pursue my dreams.”

Kyle Bruna, Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communications with Minor in Technology, Arts, and Media
Post graduation plans: “My plans are to stay in Boulder and to continue working at a small media company.”
Best part of Evans Scholars experience: “The best part of my Evans Scholars experience was getting to live on the heart of the Hill for four years.”
Thanks to: “I would like to thank my mom. She knew about the Scholarship long before I did, and she pushed me so hard to get it.”

Gina Marie Burck, Bachelors in Integrative Physiology and Business Entrepreneurship Minor
Post graduation plans: “I will be spending the summer in Boulder studying to get my NASM Personal Training Certificate and a Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. I will also be working with Catalyze CU, a startup accelerator program with my fellow Scholar and best friend Zo’e Welz. We will be developing our company, Uzio technologies, so stay tuned! I will be back at CU in the fall to finish up one more class, and continuing to work at One Boulder Fitness center.”
Best part of Evans Scholars experience: “The best part of my experience as an Evans Scholar has been meeting and growing with all of the amazing people in the Scholarship House. I have found lifelong friends through the Evans Scholarship, and I can’t be more grateful for the experiences we’ve had, and will continue to have.”
Thanks to: “I would like to thank my mother for her continuous love and guidance! From getting me out of bed at 5 a.m. for caddying, to moving across the country with me, she is my biggest support system. I wouldn’t have done it without you, Mom!”

Cameron Payseno, Bachelor of Arts in Quantitative Economics. Latin Honors: Cum Laude
Post graduation plans: “I will be living in Boulder, and I will be working as an investment performance analyst.”
Best part of Evans Scholars experience: “The best part was definitely the family atmosphere. I have lived in the dorms with this many people, but in the Scholarship House, it really feels like a family.”
Thanks to: “I would like to thank my parents because there is no way I would be here if it were not for them.”

Perrin Swoveland, Bachelors of Science in Advertising with Dean’s List, Magna Cum Laude
Post graduation plans: “I will be taking a month-long road trip with my family and then start working in Denver (I have a couple options right now, not sure which one I’m going with yet!).
Best part of Evans Scholars experience: “The best part was being inspired by the kindness and ambition of fellow Scholars for four years.”
Thanks to: “THANK YOU to the WGA and ESF, I am forever grateful to you. Also my mom and grandma, who are some of my BFFs and helped guide me through the ups and downs of college.”

Jordan Gillmore, Bachelor of Arts in Digital Journalism with a minor in English Literature and a Certificate in International Media.
Post graduation plans: “I am planning on moving to Chicago this summer to start a full-time communications position with Motorola Solutions.”
Best part of Evans Scholars experience: “The best part of my experience as an Evans Scholar has been getting to know close to 100 incredibly unique and talented individuals with whom I share so much in common. I have made my best friends here and have grown so much as an individual through my relationships and experiences in the House.”
Thanks to: “I would, of course, like to thank my parents for sacrificing so much to enable me to caddie when I couldn't drive myself. I'd also like to thank the members and Caddie Committee of Lakewood Country Club and CommonGround for selecting me as an applicant four years ago. Finally, I'd like to thank all those who made my college experience what it was (friends, classmates, professors, church, clubs, etc.)”

Kobe Padilla, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Emphasis in Finance and Accounting), Master in Financial Accounting
Post graduation plans: “I will be interning with KPMG in Denver for the summer of 2018. I plan to return to campus for a semester and will finish my degrees. Upon finishing school in the fall, I will sit for the CPA exam and begin working for KPMG full time in the fall of 2019.”
Best part of Evans Scholars experience: “The best part of the Evans Scholars experience was getting to meet and live with successful people with a background similar to mine.”
Thanks to: “I would like to thank both of my parents, my grandparents, the WGA and ESF, The Denver Country Club, Tim Morris, my fellow Scholars, and last of all Chick Evans!”

Blake Biskner, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Computer Science and a Minor Leadership Studies; Summa Cum Laude; Outstanding Undergraduate, Department of Engineering
Post graduation plans: Undecided.
Best part of Evans Scholars experience: "I have loved living with my sister. Neither of us would have been able to attend CU without the Evans Scholarship, and getting to see her grow into the strong, talented woman she is today has been an unexpected delight."
Thanks to: “I am an Evans Scholar because of the generosity of Don Hurter, the golf pro at Castle Pines. Instead of taking out professional caddies, he would always bring me on a loop (even though I could not even read a putt). He never got frustrated with me, and he was always willing to teach me as he played. He is one of my role models. Additionally, I could not have gotten through the past four years without the sincere compassion of my mom, the awe inspiring strength of my dad, and constant love and support of my sister. I am also sure my grandma always threw in a few prayers for me, which I truly appreciate.”

Audrey Sichel, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Accounting, Master of Science in Accounting
Post graduation plans: “I plan to finish my graduate classes at CU Boulder in the fall, complete the CPA exam, and work at KPMG.”
Best part of Evans Scholars experience: “The best part of being an Evans Scholar was meeting and becoming friends with my roommate sophomore year.”
Thanks to: “I would like to thank Rachel Knobbs for being a great roommate, my parents for encouraging me when school got tough, and my professor, Liz Stapp, for teaching me both academic and life skills that I will use throughout my future."

Casey White, Bachelor in Business Administration - Dual Emphasis in Accounting and Finance, Souder Award Recipient
Post graduation plans: “My plans are highly variable, but to start I will be returning home to Victoria and studying from June-December for the CFA exam (a credential for finance and portfolio management professionals). By January '19 I hope to have secured a job somewhere -- maybe Vancouver, Calgary, Denver or Seattle.”
Best part of Evans Scholars experience: “The best part of this Scholarship has been making lifelong friends and being a part of an organization that strives to instill important values in Scholars.”
Thanks to: “I'd like to thank all the families that took me into their homes while I was travelling, and the Evans House was closed. I'd also like to thank all the professors who inspired me to think in new ways and guide me through learning intricate and important topics.”

*Not Mentioned Above:
Zoe Welz, Bachelor of Science Environmental Engineering
Dalton Anderson, Bachelor of Science Aerospace Engineering Science
Ben Garcia, Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering
Tim Johnson, Bachelor of Arts Economics

Congratulations to our newest Evans Scholars Alumni!