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Climb for Equality

Climb for Equality

Jody reached the summit and her fundraising goal!

In January 2011, Equality California Institute boardmember Jody Cole climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise $19,340 in critical funds for Equality California's work to secure full equality for LGBT people.

Current Fundraising Total: $19,490.40

Jody's Current Elevation: Achieved the summit at 19,340 feet on January 15, 2011, and returned home safely. See photos from her climb.

Thank you for your generous donations to help Jody meet her goal! Your donation will support Equality California and Jody as we work to expand LGBT rights across the state.

On February 7 in San Francisco, Equality California gave Jody our Equality Hero Award for her bravery and commitment to supporting LGBT youth and LGBT rights with her climb of Kilimanjaro.

This form will remain open for further donations until February 14, 2011. Please donate today. Scroll down to give.


A Note from Jody

November 15, 2010

Dear supporters of LGBT rights,

I’ve had enough. Enough bullying. Enough negativity. Enough disappointment. And I’m ready to put my frustration into positive action. I’m climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro -- the highest mountain on the continent of Africa and one of the “Seven Summits” -- in January 2011. It won’t be my first time on the summit, but this time I’ll be pushing my way through the odds to make it to the top for all of us.

Every year nearly 100 climbers lose their lives in the pursuit of reaching Uhuru Peak (19,340 elevation). I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in 1998. Then it was a personal goal of mine to go to Africa and reach the peak. I’m not a natural-born athlete by any means. Yes, I played my share of sports from swimming, track, softball and field hockey in my youth, but those were youthful pursuits. It was hard. It was painful. But I achieved my goal.

Now a lesbian woman in my mid-forties, I’m looking for a way to stretch my physical limits again in pursuit of a higher goal. Will you join me? The climb will be hard. It will be painful. It will be exhausting. But I know that whatever I experience on that mountain, it will never equal the pain of our youth lost to suicide, the broken hearts denied marriage, the sting of homophobia, nor the hours and hours of gut-wrenching work Equality California does to ensure our rights.

I’ve had enough; enough bullying, enough negativity and enough disappointment. If you feel the same, I ask you to support Equality California through my climb for equality in January. If you do, you will be there with me for every step I take up that mountain.

Together, we will reach the summit.

YOUR biggest fan,


Donation Levels 
    Uhuru Peak Sponsor (19,340') - $5,000.00 
    Crater Camp Sponsor (18,800') - $2,500.00 
    Arrow Glacier Camp Sponsor (15,980') - $1,500.00 
    Lava Tower Camp Sponsor (15,230') - $500.00 
    Shira Camp Sponsor (11,420') - $250.00 
    Big Tree Camp Sponsor (8,700') - $100.00 
    Londrossi Gate Sponsor (6,890') - $50.00 
    Climb for Equality Fan - $20.00 
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