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Click to download the We Stand Together Instruction Guide (for those displaying the WST decal).
Click to download TIPS & IDEAS for being a good ally and doing effective intervention.
Click to download TERMS related to bias and bias-related incidents.
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 Why do we need this network?

Reports of verbal assault and harassment are on the rise across the U.S. and here in Tucson. We're better than this. Together with the Southern Arizona Hate Crimes Task Force we are launching We Stand Together, a network to make Tucson a safe place for all.

Here is how YOU can get involved:

#1 - Join the We Stand Together network (BELOW):

Members of the network can choose to do one of three things: 

  • Be a "safe place" for anyone experiencing harassment: You will receive a decal that you can post in your business, nonprofit organization, office or home to indicate that you are a place of shelter for anyone experiencing harassment or verbal assault.
  • Commit to be part of our action & advocacy network and to learning more about how you can be a better ally.
  • Be ALL IN: Agree to do both!
You may make a donation to support this work if you choose - this will help cover the expenses of producing materials, etc. There is absolutely NO cost to join the network. 


#2 - Speak up when the people you know say things (even in a joking way) that are prejudiced or reinforce stereotypes. Silence is no longer an option. Together, we can make Tucson a safer place for everyone.


Thank you for standing together with us.

The We Stand Together Network is a program of the Southern Arizona Hate Crimes Task Force and co-sponsored by YWCA Southern Arizona and Jewish History Museum/Holocaust History Center.


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