To complete your purchase of a new license accurately you will need:

  • An electronic image (.jpg or .pdf) of the rabies vaccination certificate – please note that the duration of the license you purchase cannot exceed the expiration of the rabies vaccination
  • An electronic image (.jpg or .pdf) of proof of spay/neuter to honor the altered fees
  • A major credit card
  • This application requires a computer, not a mobile device

Please ensure that the duration of the license you request does not exceed the rabies expiration date shown on the vaccination certificate.

Proof of your dog’s spay/neuter is required for the license discount. If we cannot verify spay/neuter status, no license will be issued.

Errors in overpayment or incomplete submissions will result in a 10% processing fee assessed on any refund.

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Fees: The license duration cannot exceed the rabies vaccination expiration.
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Spayed/Neutered:* Yes
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