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Be a part of the 17th Annual CCC Volunteer Crew!

The Arthritis Foundation’s California Coast Classic (CCC) would not be such an amazing success without the support of our energetic and hard-working volunteers. Our volunteers are selfless, dedicated and unbelievably committed to making the CCC a memorable experience for everyone involved. They get up very early and go to sleep late. During the day they greet riders with warm smiles and words of encouragement. At the end of the day you can hear them cheering while ringing cow bells welcoming the riders into camp.

Our volunteers receive the same accommodations as the riders, your breakfast and dinner is provided as well as your camping fees. While we do not require volunteers to fundraise, we love it when they do!

There are various positions available along the ride route. Here is a brief description of each. Please note that application submission does not guarantee a place on the crew.  Spots are limited.

8 Day Commitment:

Sweep Team: “Leave it cleaner then when we came”. That is the motto of our Sweep Team. This group of volunteers is the first to camp each day and the last to leave each morning. They supervise the distribution of camp gear, catering staff and equipment. Each morning they are the last to leave camp making sure we have left nothing behind.

Rest Stops: During the 8 days of the ride, we set up between 2 and 3 rest stops along the route to provide beverages, snacks, some shade and a smile to our riders. Each rest stop is manned by a minimum of 3 volunteers.

Mid-Day Check Point: Calling all professional Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich Makers. The mid-point is a mandatory stop each day for all riders; they must stop and check in with our volunteer staff. This stop is manned with volunteers making PB&J sandwiches, water and various other snacks.

CCC Clothing Store: If retail is your thing, this is the job for you. During the ride we sell CCC gear. This position requires the volunteer to be able to drive a truck and lift boxes, display merchandise and manage the sales.

Supply Truck Team: This is the CCC Traveling Grocery Store. We fill a 17’ truck with all the food, water, snacks and rider supplies that will be used during the course of the 8 days. This team of volunteers will be responsible for setting up the end of day food station and distribution of supplies to the rest stop vehicles. One or both of the Supply Truck Volunteers must be willing to drive a 17’ truck.

1 Day Positions

Pre–Ride Registration: Riders arrive in San Francisco on Friday prior to the ride starting. This is the first impression riders will have to meet the CCC staff and volunteers. It is a fun and a very important day. Volunteers are needed to register riders, distribute goodie bags and rider apparel.

Starting Line: It’s now Saturday morning and everyone is excited and ready to go. Volunteers play an intricate role in keeping the riders informed as to where to go, manage the luggage and camping gear drop off points and man key positions along the San Francisco route.

Finish Line: As friends and family members gather to welcome their loved ones home, the volunteers greet riders as the cross the finish line and present them with their CCC Medals! Volunteer staff is needed to collect food tickets, assist with signing up riders for the next year’s ride and maintain a clean area. Finish line volunteers will help the route staff unload vehicles.

Groups Along the Route: We also love for school and church groups, social clubs, sororities/fraternities and others along the route to come out and cheer on our riders as they ride into camp each day.

Whatever the job, we’ll give you the tools and training you need to help make your experience as a volunteer the best ever! Shannon Marang Cox and Erin Campbell will contact you directly to welcome you and provide you with additional information as we get closer to the ride.

If you have any questions about being a volunteer, please email Erin Campbell at or Shannon Marang Cox at

Apply today to be a VOLUNTEER for the 17th Annual California Coast Classic.

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