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Welcome To St. Hubert's Create-Your-Own Fundraising Page

St. Hubert's is excited to present to you a new way to be able to help shelter animals who need support. In a couple of easy steps you can create your own event page and help raise money to provide help for pets in need.

Whether you are celebrating, participating or remembering; you can help support St. Hubert's mission to provide the best care for animals.

Follow these easy steps to get started!

1. Click Create A Page

2. Fill out the registration form or use one of your social media logins.

3. Make a Personalized Web Page Link when filling out the requested information. (e.g.'sBirthday)
Note: This link once submitted cannot be changed

3. On Line 1 and 2 of your event profile post the title of your event (e.g. Mary's Birthday Page)

4. Customize your picture(s), insert information about your event on My Webpage and give all your friends, family, and co-workers your event profile link so they can start donating.
Please make sure you give out your personalized link not the St. Hubert's Event page link.

St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center thanks you for your support!

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