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Let's Make History by Telling His Story

Imagine the blessings involved in teaching so many people around the world about our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. This is what the CelebrateMercy webcast does and this is what we urge you to support us do.

We urge you to donate generously, and help us Make History by Telling His Story. It can even be donated as a sadaqa jariya (ongoing charity) for you, or someone that has passed away.

If you are new to CelebrateMercy, please read below for more information. The best way to donate is by becoming a monthly donor, giving at least $10 per month. This helps us to better plan and budget for the future. As our Prophet taught, the most beloved actions to Allah (God) are those done consistently, even if little. Here is a breakdown of how your donations tremendously help us continue our work:

$5,000 funds the cost of reliable best-in-class webcast technology for 10 webcast show times.
$2,000 funds one weekend seminar on the Prophet's life and character that travels to various communities.
$1,000 funds a MercyMission campaign such as the MercyMail campaign for the Stevens' family.
$500 funds the costs for recording and editing one webcast video (we have 20+ videos per webcast).
$100 funds 1,000 webcast posters and flyers that we ship out to volunteers worldwide.
$25 per month amounts to less than $1 a day to help us continue our work.

When choosing to be a monthly donor, please choose the number of months you are signing up for as the screen shot below shows. This is the total number of months you would like to be donating:

Founded in 2010, Celebrate Mercy is a non-profit organization that instills love and respect for the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, by teaching about his life and character. We also aim to dispel misconceptions about him, primarily through our global interactive webcasts and social media. Webcast videos of prominent scholars and performers are shown on interactive webcasts, viewed by 10,000 Muslim and non-Muslim viewers in 90 countries, as well as the Facebook page of over 400,000 fans. Its YouTube channel has over 500,000 views. The video above is a brief trailer from our last webcast which you can also view at

CelebrateMercy not only teaches about the Prophet's character but mobilizes Muslims to embody it with our 1000+ registered volunteers. Its recent MercyMail campaign asked Muslims to send condolence letters to the family of the slain Ambassador Chris Stevens. When some Muslims engaged in violence as a protest against the offensive YouTube video, CelebrateMercy asked Muslims to "respond to evil with a good deed." The campaign went viral with over 7,700 condolence letters from 115 countries, receiving media coverage on BBC, CNN, and The Huffington Post. In November, the Stevens family personally met with CelebrateMercy's founder to receive the book of letters. The following interview, appearing on the front page of, discussed this

CelebrateMercy's webcasts have been sponsored by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Zaytuna College, United for Change, MSA National, Deen Intensive, and SeekersGuidance.
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