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Marni Harang

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Riding the miles to ease poverty and hunger through Heifer International!

From May 9 through June 16, I will be riding from Mobile, AL to Niagara, Ontario, a distance of 1825 miles. I am doing this to celebrate my 60th birthday. Instead of presents, I want to give a gift to Heifer International.

As a spinner, weaver, and knitter, I have a deep appreciation for the resources fiber animals and their fiber can offer to those who raise and care for them, as well as those who benefit from their product.

Fiber has enriched every aspect of my life and so now, I want to give something back to help others receive the benefits of fiber resources.

I am hoping to raise at least $1.00 per mile for the entire ride for Heifer International, hence my goal of $1825.00

Thank you for supporting me and Heifer International. Your contribution and support, both moral and monetary, is greatly appreciated.

Marni Harang

I am currently blogging my training and in addition I will be blogging the ride itself at:

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