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UPDATE: This year, I'm dedicating our efforts in memory of my Dad, Dr. Edward Taras (12/29/33-4/11/14) who succumed to a long battle with colon cancer and an enlarging brain tumor. Without him, my Mom would not be alive today as he was a 'mamma-grizzly' when it came to finding her BRCA gene before anyone knew what that was!

... We've raised over 1/2 million dollars over the last decade at the Revlon Run Walk but in 2014 we've 'defected' over to 'Walk With Love'! Help us run for the cure... okay, we won't be running, but help us walk for the cure! O:-)

WHY: Every day 108 women die of breast cancer. My grandma died of ovarian cancer, my Mom got breast cancer @ 47 and is still cancer free and my sister has the gene and had the 'Angelina Jolie' prophylactic mastectomy. We started walking before we knew we had the gene but now I too have tested BRCA gene positive! Now I walk selfishly for my daughter! We need to shift breast cancer research into high gear and focus on finding the cause(s) and ways to prevent it. You have the power to fuel breakthrough research and have an immediate impact on ending breast cancer by raising much needed funds for the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation.
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