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   Team Name  Leader First Name  Leader Last Name  City  State  Total Donation Raised
View Alabama - Red Sox Nation Judson Barber Brookline MA $0.00
View Alberta - Red Sox Nation Marc David Brookline MA $0.00
View Arbella Insurance Employee Page Arbella Insurance Quincy MA $1,305.00
View Arbella Insurance Foundation Agent Matching Gift Program Arbella Insurance Foundation Quincy MA $15,625.00
View Arizona - Red Sox Nation Susan Brindley Tucson AZ $80.00
View Arkansas - Red Sox Nation James Fletcher Brookline MA $0.00
View Boston Sports Fan Group of Seattle Chris Porter Brookline MA $2,750.00
View Colorado - Red Sox Nation Evan Welch Brookline MA $0.00
View Connecticut - Red Sox Nation Rachel Yacouby Rocky Hill CT $0.00
View Dana-Farber Cancer Institute & The Jimmy Fund Mark ElBach Brookline MA $0.00
View Delaware - Red Sox Nation Phillip Price Brookline MA $0.00
View Florida - Red Sox Nation Alexa Jimenez Brookline MA $0.00
View Georgia - Red Sox Nation Stephanie Gerdes Brookline MA $0.00
View Hawaii - Red Sox Nation James Silva Brookline MA $0.00
View Idaho - Red Sox Nation Kelly Thompson Brookline MA $0.00
View Illinois - Red Sox Nation Brendan Mulcahy Brookline MA $0.00
View Iowa - Red Sox Nation Peter Lamoureux Brookline MA $0.00
View Kansas - Red Sox Nation Jonathan Sherman Brookline MA $0.00
View Kentucky - Red Sox Nation Eric Weisman Brookline MA $0.00
View Louisiana - Red Sox Nation Lynn Livingston Brookline MA $0.00
View Maine - Red Sox Nation Karen Kupiec Brookline MA $0.00
View Maryland - Red Sox Nation Jason Downie Brookline MA $0.00
View Massachusetts - Red Sox Nation Jared Carrabis Brookline MA $0.00
View Michigan - Red Sox Nation Marty McLoughlin Brookline MA $0.00
View Minnesota - Red Sox Nation Bob Boucher Brookline MA $0.00
View Mississippi - Red Sox Nation Garreth Blackwell Brookline MA $0.00
View Missouri - Red Sox Nation Misty Haungs Williams Brookline MA $0.00
View Montana - Red Sox Nation Justin Robertson Brookline MA $0.00
View Nebraska - Red Sox Nation Niki White Brookline MA $0.00
View NESN 1 NESN 1 Watertown MA $1,895.00
View NESN 10 NESN 10 Watertown MA $1,490.00
View NESN 2 NESN 2 Watertown MA $818.00
View NESN 3 NESN 3 Watertown MA $700.00
View NESN 4 NESN 4 Watertown MA $2,575.00
View NESN 5 NESN 5 Watertown MA $900.00
View NESN 6 NESN 6 Watertown MA $360.00
View NESN 7 NESN 7 Watertown MA $725.00
View NESN 8 NESN 8 Watertown MA $1,930.00
View NESN 9 NESN 9 Watertown MA $1,150.00
View Nevada - Red Sox Nation Alejandro Martinez Brookline MA $0.00
View New Hampshire - Red Sox Nation Janice Page Brookline MA $0.00
View New Jersey - Red Sox Nation Scott Bennett Brookline MA $0.00
View New Mexico - Red Sox Nation Nancy Johnson Santa Fe NM $190.00
View New York - Red Sox Nation Chris Wertz Brookline MA $0.00
View North Carolina - Red Sox Nation Sean Bunn Brookline MA $0.00
View North Dakota - Red Sox Nation Bob Lever Brookline MA $0.00
View Nova Scotia - Red Sox Nation Jim Prime Brookline MA $0.00
View Ohio - Red Sox Nation Kristi Blausey Brookline MA $0.00
View Oregon - Red Sox Nation Ben Maciariello Brookline MA $0.00
View Patrick Paul Patrick Paul Roslindale MA $3,000.00
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