December 2nd-December 4th

Contact Lupe Perez, YWCA Board Vice President, for more information!

Phone: 626.296.8433
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During the weekend of December 2nd (Friday-Sunday), the YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley will be partnering with numerous businesses in the Pasadena area to host the 2011 Holiday Extravaganza! Support some of your favorite local businesses and 15% of all proceeds will go directly to the YWCA! Please help our organization continue to offer services at little or no cost in the Pasadena community.

Participating Businesses:
*10,000 Villages
567 S. Lake Avenue
*Penny For Your Thoughts
1365 Hill Avenue
*El Patron Restaurant
2555 Lake Avenue (Sat. ONLY)
*Mary Falkingham Floral Designs
1387 E. Washington Blvd. (Sat. ONLY)

YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley Honored
Dr. Lucy Jones, Chief Scientist for the Multi Hazard Initiative in Southern California, at the November YWCA Honors event

On the evening of November 11, YWCA supporters and friends came together at the Pasadena Neighborhood Unitarian Church to hear Dr. Lucy Jones share her passion for seismology and tell of how she became known as "the calm after a disaster."

Dr. Jones has been the seismologist with the US Geographical Survey and a Visiting Research Associate at the Seismological Laboratory of CalTech since 1983. Jones has assisted in developing a new program to integrate hazards science in urban areas with economic analysis and emergency response to increase community resiliency to disasters.

Honoring and recognizing the talent and influence of female leaders has been at the heart of the YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley since our beginning in 1909. Jones reminded the audience that the science field is not limited to only men, and encouraged the young women of the new generation to always reach for their goals and venture into career fields such science and mathematics.

The November YWCA Honors Series event featuring Dr. Lucy Jones concluded the 2011 series of events. Make sure to visit the YWCA Pasadena webpage at over the coming weeks to stay informed of the 2012 YWCA Honors Series events--honorees to be announced soon!

We Cannot Thank You Enough!
Thank you to the following for supporting the YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley in the past quarter, September through November

Roberta Armijo
Enid Awad
Judy Barbatoe
Michael Beck
M. Bennett
Yvonne Benson
Irene Black
Karl Block
Claire & Bill Bogaard
Sherri Bonner
Jeannette Bronson
Judith Brown
Berlinda Brown
Yvonne Brown
Jacqueline Broxton
Marilyn Buchanan
Diane Burbie
Shalana Buycks
Irma Canon
Marie Cantor
Susan Carrier
Sherbene Casilla
Katharine Chaffee
Michael Checca
Angeline Chen
Monica Chinlund
William Christian
Ilene Clingmon
Wendy Cobleigh
Renatta Cooper
Jacqui Corby
KC Costa
Phyllis Currie
Catherine Custodio
Victoria Davis
Jarita Davis
Duane Dennis
Jennifer DeVoll
Margaret Dienst
Marianne Dryden
Gregor Edwards
Elizabeth Ellis
Rita Elshout
Frank Epinger
Bethany Eshleman
Tamika & James Farr
Jean Fleming
Lupe Irene Fox
Patricia Fundara
Dana Gaffery
Nancy Garni
Michelle Gavigan
Beth Gertmenian
Akila Gibbs
Karen Gibson
Sharon Girdner
Eva Goetz
Kristiina Goyette
Edith Grady

Donna Gray
Sandra Greenstein
Barbara Greyhosky
Barbara Hadsell
Jane Hallinger
Sara Hamilton
Opal Hampton
Sherry Hassan
Elena Hermanson
George & Irene Hernandez
Hilda L. Hernandez
Dolores Hickambottom
Ann Marie Hickambottom
John Hitchcock
Sara Hotz
Mary Ann Houston
Monica Hubbard
Phung Huynh
Holly Imler
Bruce and Elizabeth Jansson
Anne Jennings
Tommie E. Joe
Marilyn Johnson
Tamu Jones
Constance M. Kalter
Susan Kane
Kay Kelley
Geraldine Kennedy
Alison Keyes
Angela Kimmey
Bernadette & Steve Kornfeld
Cynthia Kurtz
Sharon Larman
Jennifer Leech
Mara Leong Nichols
Carol Liu
Sarah Lougheed-Gill
Carrie Lovejoy
Alicia Maddox
Maribel Marin
Michelle Mayer
James McCaleb, CPA
Jacqui McCombs
Brian McDonald
Jeanette McDonald
John McGrath
Ted McGrath
Nancy McIntyre
Rebecca Medina
Corina Mena
Malzone Miller
Paulette Miller
Inman Moore
Ernestine Moore
April Moreno
Jamie Morris
Petite Morrison
Jaylene Moseley
Lori Nelson

Myra Newman
Eddie Newman
Marjorie Nicholson
Angela Oh
Diane Orona
Sarah Orth
Toby Osos
Jean Owen
Carol Pearson
Lupe Perez
Tim Peters
Leslie Peters
Diana Peterson-More
Kelsey Peterson-More
Yvonne Pine
Elizabeth Pomeroy
Anthony Portantino
Diane Quan
Maureen Railsback
Elaine Ramirez
Lise Ranstell
Gloria Reynolds
Versie Mae Richardson
Barbara Robison
Kathleen Rodarte
Marsha Rood
Juliann Rooke
Kelly Russell
Abby Lloyd Sabin
Miriam Sacks
Angelica Salas
Chief Phillip Sanchez
Jan Sanders
Charon Sandoval
Patricia Savoie
Christina Schieber
Anne Schimmel
Helen Seaborne
Steve Sears
Margaret Sedenquist
Joel Sheldon
Pat Simms
Peggy Sisson
Lynn Smart
Paula Stamp
Suzanne Stone
Nancy Sumner
Tony Tartaglia
Juanita Tillman
Maria Tornek
Andrea Townsend
Nancy Twist
Carmen Vargas
Patricia Vick
Celestine Walker
Tim Wendler
Rene Wilson
Karen Wingard
Helen Anne Wolf

Friends & Supporters, the YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley would like to wish you all a wonderful holiday season! We extend our gratitude for your continued support, and look forward to another exciting year filled with joy and empowerment!


Support the YWCA this holiday season by donating to our Youth Holiday Party on Friday, December 9th!

We are currently planning for our annual Holiday Party for our youth participants and we need YOUR help! The YWCA is seeking gift donations in the form of gift cards. Our girls enjoy visiting places such as Pinkberry, Jamba Juice, Bath & Body Works, Forever 21 and similar establishments. In addition, we provide a catered meal for the party; any support towards this meal would be much appreciated. Please contact Denise Ramos, Program Coordinator, at 626.296.8433 if you would like to contribute to our Holiday Party. Thank you in advance and we hope you have a great holiday season!


Culture 22 Holiday Mixer
hosted by Angeline Chen, YWCA Board Member

Come mix & mingle with great people while enjoying complimentary appetizers and supporting the YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley!

Angeline Chen, YWCA Board Memeber, will be hosting a Holiday Mixer on Thursday, December 8, at Culture 22 in Old Town Pasadena! This is bound to be a fun & fabulous evening, all donations collected will go directly to the YWCA Pasadena-Foothill Valley! Take some time to wind down with friends--and make new ones--before the busy holiday season kicks into full gear!

Host:    Angeline Chen
When:  Thursday, December 8 from 7PM-9PM
Where: Culture 22, 45 S. Fair Oaks Avenue,
              Pasadena, CA 91105

$20.00 Suggested Donation

  Donate Online TODAY!

Your contribution allows us to continue to offer our community: 

  • Just For Girls enrichment and development program for the school-aged young women of Pasadena
  • Racial Justice work in our community
  • Community Building efforts through public dialogue and our program initiatives
  • Ensuring that women from all walks of life have a voice in our city, region and nation

Your generosity ensures that we cultivate the next entrepreneur, the next engineer, the next scientist or the next U.S. Speaker of the House!


Contact Us To Be Involved

Contact our Executive Director, Tamika Farr,
or any of the links below to find out how to be involved

  • Volunteer. We are always recruiting women and girls to join a committee or to volunteer in the office. Contact the Program Office.
  • Make a gift of stock, real estate or money. Contact the Development Office.
  • Join the Mission Committee. Be a part of the conversation. Contact Diane Quan, Chair.
  • Join any one of our committees providing administrative structure:
    Finance Committee, Development Committee and Nominating Committee. Contact Tamika Farr, Executive Director.

Many Thanks!

Association Ambassadors
Margaret Leong Checca
Mike Enomoto
Edith Grady
Barbara and John Madden
Paula Stamp
Murli Tolaney

President's Circle
Judy Brown
Marie Cantor
Michael Checca
Michelle Gavigan
Sharon Girdner
Carolyn and Lorraine Hancock
Nancy McIntyre
Peggy Phelps
Alison Kate Quan
Diance Quan
Anne Schimmel
Margaret Sedenquist
Marge Wyatt
Margaret York


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