Become a Blanding's Turtle Tracker

Biologists at the Nature Museum are dedicated to the conservation of the newly endangered Blanding’s turtles, a yellow-throated turtle species native to the Great Lakes Region.

Nature Museum biologists have provided Blanding's turtles with a home and special care during their first few years to increase the growth rate and strength of the turtle, giving it a higher chance of survival when it is released into the wild. As part of the Blanding’s Turtle Restoration Project, prior to being released into the wild, the Blanding’s turtles are outfitted with radio transmitters that allow Museum biologists to monitor their progress after release.

You can become a Blanding’s Turtle Tracker today by purchasing a special radio transmitter that allows the team to track turtle activity and determine restoration priorities for the Blanding’s turtle.

By becoming a Blanding’s Turtle Tracker, you will receive a personalized certificate with a smiling Blanding’s photo and an exclusive quarterly e-newsletter with Team Tracker updates.

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