Practical Phragmites Control

July 15, Tuesday 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Cost: Free
Location: Oakland County Executive Office Building Conference Center (2100 Pontiac Lake Road Bldg #41W in Waterford, MI)

Co-sponsored with Oakland Phragmites and Invasive Species Task force and Michigan State University Extension | **Must register by Friday, July 11th**

Phragmites is the common reed plant which has taken over many or our natural areas. It out competes the native plants and creates a monoculture of reeds. It reduces the biodiversity of plants and therefore the biodiversity of animal life. It limits views; limits access to lakes, rivers and canals for recreational purposes; reduces property values and tourism; is a navigational hazard on roads and waterways; and can hinder search and rescue operations and is a fire hazard.

This presentation will concentrate on the practical aspects of small scale, cost efficient, Phragmites control for property owners and volunteer groups. Topics covered will include treatment options, when to treat, supplies and tools needed, basic herbicide safety, permits, and protecting the native plants. Control recommendations are based on MDEQ and DNR research and publications.
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