Ellen Fraites Wagner Award 2013

**********************IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS******************YOU MUST COMPLETE THE ENTIRE FORM ALL AT ONCE BECAUSE WHEN YOU HIT THE "SUBMIT BUTTON" YOU CAN NOT CHANGE ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION NOR CAN YOU SAVE THE FORM AND COME BACK TO IT LATER. We recommend you prepare and save your answers in a Word document in case of any technical difficulties. Then cut and paste in the text boxes provided and upload any supporting documentation to the online application form. The Ellen Fraites Wagner award application may be completed by the individual directly or a person can be nominated by someone else who is not related to them. Please complete the questions in 400 words or less. DEADLINE date for submission is December 20, 2012.
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Ellen Fraites Wagner Application Form 2013 
Who qualifies:
NOMINEES MUST MEET THE FOLLOWING AWARD CRITERIA TO BE CONSIDERED: An individual who works to benefit the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. * Motivates and inspires others by promoting environmental awareness throughout the community. * Exhibits a long-term commitment to the restoration of the Chesapeake Bay. * Creates effective partnerships with other organizations to maximize funding and resources. * Leads successful restoration and protection efforts that benefit the Bay. * Initiates and participates in grant projects and programs funded by the Chesapeake Bay Trust. * Ellen Fraites Wagner participant can complete application or be nominated.
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Ellen Fraites Wagner Award
$0.00 Ellen Fraites Wagner Award 2013
The Ellen Fraites Wagner Award recognizes a Maryland citizen who has shown tireless dedication to help preserve and protect the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers.
Application questions:
Please complete the questions listed below in the text boxes explaining how the nominee exemplifies the specified criteria. The questions will need to be completed in 400 words or less.
How has the nominee worked to improve the Chesapeake Bay watershed or their local community?:*
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Thank you for nominating a colleague to the Chesapeake Bay Trust's Ellen Fraites Wagner award. The winner will be announced in January 2013. If you have any questions, Kristin Foringer can be contacted at 410-974-2941 x113 or kforinger@cbtrust.org. Thank you!