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Open your eyes.  Open your heart. Open the door.

For just $5, you will join the Blue Key community, a growing contingent of Americans who are standing up for the world's most vulnerable people: refugees.

With your key you will open the door to a new life that was unexpectedly—through no fault of their own—closed to refugees.

No one chooses to be a refugee, forced from home, family and everything they have ever known. Yet almost 43 million people around the world—nearly the combined populations of New York and Texas—find themselves in this exact position. If displacement wasn't enough, many are traumatized by sexual violence, torture, and aggression. 

We launched the Blue Key campaign to give these refugees a voice. More than 6,000 UNHCR staffers worldwide give them the protection, food, shelter and care that they need, opening doors to a new life.

The refugees we help work hard to rebuild their lives,
but no one can do it alone. 

This is why your support of the Blue Key campaign means so much to them, and to us.

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