2017 Indiana Veterans of the Year Honorariums

The Indiana Veterans of the Year is committed to honoring all veterans living and deceased. Honorariums are a great way to celebrate the life of your veteran and let them know of your admiration for their sacrifices. We are told repeatedly of the importance of telling our loved ones we care while they are still with us. Honorariums help us tell the world we love and appreciate the veterans in our lives.

Your honorarium will be added to the Indiana Veterans of the Year Event Program and will appear on our website for a year. Each veteran honored will receive one line in the event program. In the event of multiple honorariums for the same veteran, the veteran will receive one line followed by the name of each person honoring her or him.

While we will not print the amount of honorarium contributions, you can remember honor your veteran by giving any amount you wish. However, $5 is the minimum honorarium donation. If you wish to include an additional donation beyond the minimum $5, please write in the addition amount in the "Donation" box below the total.

Should you wish to honor more than one veteran, the form should be completed for each veteran you wish to honor in this way.

The Indiana Veterans of the Year initiative is a program of Operation Outreach: the signature veterans program of the Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana.
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One line in the Event Program honoring your veteran.
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