Recruitment Promotional Material Order Form

Promotional Material Order Process:

-The information provided on this order form will be used to create your recruitment materials. Please ensure that the information is accurate and that it can be made public.

- Due to large volumes of Recruitment Materials orders the orders are prioritized according to the Date Needed provided and the meeting date. Providing an accurate Date Needed allows us to get your materials to you when you need them. If something changes please contact Elena Garcia at or (714) 546-8558 x150.

- An email will be sent when your Recruitment Material Order is ready for pick up at the OCBSA office. If an email has not been received, please contact the OCBSA office prior to coming to pick up the order.

-Schedule a "Sign-up"/Recruitment meeting for your Unit and order materials AT LEAST 2 weeks in advance.

-Contact your District Executive with the meeting information and complete the below order form.

-Allow 2 WEEKS to process your order. Your order will be ready on the date you request.

-Your District Executive will contact you when your materials are ready for pick up. Distribute flyers to school 1-2 weeks before recruitment date, give postcards to boys to invite their friends, use stickers the day before the recruitment to remind boys during classroom or lunch table talks, hang banners at school, church or neighborhood.
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Promotional Material Being Ordered:
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# of Flyers Boy Scout - Grade 6+:
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# of Flyers Venturing - Co-ed Age 14+:
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# of Stickers:
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# of Invitation Post Cards (Cub Scout Only):
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# of Yard Sign(s) (max 2 per school):
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# of Fence Banner(s) (max 1 per school):
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# of Recruitment Bags (Max 1 per school):
includes Youth & Adult applications, Boys Life Magazines and table tents
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Please hit Next below and then submit on the next page. If you do not receive a confirmation email the OCBSA office has not received your order.