Camp Staff Alumni Association Membership Application

Yes, I have earned my Staff Coup and would like to become a member of the Camp Staff Alumni Association.

Please note if you wish to donate a certain amount to one (or more) camps you can enter that donation amount below under the camp(s) of your choice.

Enter the amount in dollar increments - for example $1 X 25 = $25.00 OR to apply $100.00 dollars to a camp enter 100.

     Kansas City, MO  64131

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Camp Staff Alumni Association Membership Application 
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Annual Membership is $25 per year (Association membership fiscal year is Sept. 1 to Aug. 31)

See above for instructions for entering donation amounts.
@ $25.00 = $
Lone Star:
Enter amount to be applied to LS
@ $1.00 = $
Enter amount to be applied to SM
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Lifetime Membership:
ENTER 1 here if paying for Lifetime Membership - $50 goes to the Association Operating Fund and $450 goes to the Camp Staff Scholarship Fund. Please distribute the $450 Scholarship Fund portion to each camp as you like (above). You can apply monies to as many camps as you chose, just be sure the total adds up to $450.
@ $50.00 = $
Additional Information
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