Grand Rapids Art Adventure Weekend
September 27-28, 2013

Join GRAM’s Director and CEO, Dana Friis-Hansen, for a special, curated experience of ArtPrize, the competition that Time Magazine declared “One of the Top Five ‘Not-To-Miss’ cultural events of 2013.”

Enjoy a distinctively planned selection of exclusive artistic, culinary, and cultural experiences unique to Grand Rapids, plus exchanges with local cultural leaders and artists, shopping, and urban exploration.

Your Art Adventure 2013 experience will include:

Behind the scenes access at the Grand Rapids Art Museum and other top venues in exclusive guided tours
A neighborhood stroll for an “Art/Brunch Sampler” with courses and artist talks at several local restaurants featuring ArtPrize entries
A Trolley Tour of art and architecture highlights of downtown Grand Rapids
Engaging discussions with art with cultural travellers from cities across North America
Cocktails and tour of a private art collection in a stunning home
You will be among the first to enjoy a party at the Museum Director’s new 33rd floor condo overlooking the city!
End the trip back at GRAM Terrace for the announcement of the Top Ten ArtPrize Finalists

A block of rooms have been reserved at the JW Marriott for Art Adventure participants. Please call Elizabeth Wilson Fischer at 616.831.2931 or email for more details on hotels or additional questions. (Hotel costs are not included in ticket price.)

Schedule before July 15 for the early bird special! (Price does not include travel and lodging costs and meals outside of the tour)
$500 Non-Members (After July 15, $525)
$500 GRAM Members

If you are not available for the entire 3 day Art Adventure, you may register for separate days.
Single Day options: (Limited spaces available):
$200 Friday
$200 Saturday
$200 Sunday

A $75 Cancellation fee will be charged until August 15, 2013. Tickets are nonrefundable after August 15, 2013.
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