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Have you kept track with your former Boy Scout troop?  Maybe your kids are in Cub Scouts and their friends’ fathers were Boy Scouts?  Help spread the word about the new ways of getting back in touch with the Boy Scouts of America, and the joys of Scouting!

We know the Boy Scout experience means a great deal to you.  The Boy Scout Oath and Law still rings in your ears, and some of your best childhood memories may have been in a Boy Scout uniform.  We understand – it’s true for us, too. 

Remember, whether you’re looking to reminisce about the good old times with your former Boy Scouts friends, or just want to see what’s new with today’s Boy Scouts of America, memories and experiences you learned through BSA are always better shared!

Email your friends, family and former Boy Scout members and invite them to visit this BSA Scouting Friends site.

Invite a friend to re-connect with Scouting today!


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