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Urge Congress to Oppose Reductions in Benefits for People with Medicare

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Medicare has provided security for older adults and people with disabilities for nearly a half-century. Today, Medicare provides health coverage for 47 million Americans, ensuring that the most vulnerable people in our society have access to quality, affordable health care.

However, the budget passed by the U.S. House of Representatives ends Medicare as we know it today and replaces Medicare’s guaranteed benefits with a capped “premium support” payment or voucher that consumers can use to buy private insurance. The payment would not match the rate at which health care costs increase, significantly increasing costs for Medicare consumers and making the coverage currently provided under Medicare out of reach for many.

The House budget also cuts Medicaid financing, which will deal a financial blow to people on Medicare and their families, who look to Medicaid to help pay for nursing home, home health and other long-term care needs.

The House budget does not address the root of high Medicare costs—rising health care costs overall. Putting the deficit crisis on the backs of people with Medicare is not the right approach. Tell Congress to oppose this effort and preserve the Medicare program for generations to come.

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