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Urge Congress To Preserve the Medicare Program

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Medicare turns 45 this year, and after nearly a half-century of providing security for older adults and people with disabilities, the need for the program is as great as ever. Today, Medicare provides health coverage for 47 million Americans, ensuring that the most vulnerable people in our society have access to quality, affordable health care.

The 45th anniversary of Medicare’s enactment marks an occasion to reflect on the core principles of the program. In order to ensure that future generations of Americans can enjoy the security that Medicare provides, lawmakers must uphold these principles. They must protect consumer choice and make sure that affordable options for consumers are always available so that Medicare remains the robust public program that it was originally intended to be.

Medicare must also be kept solvent for future generations. Health reform has made financial adjustments to Medicare to help strengthen the program’s financial outlook while ensuring that care remains high-quality and consumer-centered. Lawmakers should protect people with Medicare from additional, more drastic changes to the program, and allow time for the savings to be fully realized.

Contact your senators and representatives today. Tell them to preserve Medicare for future generations.

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