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Community Parks

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Community Parks Revitalization Act aims to rehabilitate and create greenspaces and recreational areas in urban metropolitan areas. In addition to its provisions to improve greenspaces, this bill will also help prioritize recreation programs that will benefit wounded veterans, military families and at-risk youth.

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Message Recipients

Young, Don (Republican) - Representative , Alaska At-Large District , AK

LaMalfa, Doug (Republican) - Representative , California District 1 , CA

McClintock, Tom (Republican) - Representative , California District 4 , CA

Tipton, Scott (Republican) - Representative , Colorado District 3 , CO

Lamborn, Doug (Republican) - Representative , Colorado District 5 , CO

Bordallo, Madeleine (Democrat) - House Minority Whip , Guam At-Large District , GU

Labrador, Raul (Republican) - Representative , Idaho District 1 , ID

Tsongas, Niki (Democrat) - Representative , Massachusetts District 3 , MA

Smith, Jason (Republican), Missouri District 8 , MO

Sablan, Gregorio (Democrat) - Delegate , Mariana Islands At-Large District , MP

Cramer, Kevin (Republican) - Representative , North Dakota At-Large District , ND

Amodei, Mark (Republican) - Representative , Nevada District 2 , NV

DeFazio, Peter (Democrat) - Representative , Oregon District 4 , OR

Cartwright, Matthew (Democrat) - Representative , Pennsylvania District 17 , PA

Pierluisi, Pedro (Democrat) - Representative , Puerto Rico At-Large District , PR

Gohmert, Louie (Republican) - Representative , Texas District 1 , TX

Bishop, Rob (Republican) - Representative , Utah District 1 , UT

Lummis, Cynthia (Republican) - Representative , Wyoming At-Large District , WY

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