Calvary Hospital Publishes Voices of Calvary
Voices of Calvary is a collection of heartfelt stories and photos, letters and poems from people touched deeply by the work of Calvary Hospital.  The inspiring stories are told by patients, patients' families and doctors.

Following is one of our featured stories.
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"My Days with Jacqueline"

When Jacqueline came to Calvary in Brooklyn, she looked weak and tired. She had been battling cancer for 10 years. One day Jacqueline looked at me and said “You know what? I don’t feel sick anymore.” That really made me happy and after that Jacqueline really opened up.

She reminisced about her youthful days long ago, when she first met her husband. She would often tell me stories about Alfredo, the love of her life, who had passed away a few years prior. One day she told me the story of how they met.

“I met my husband in the summertime and I was wearing shorts,” said Jacqueline, “He was behind me and I was running up the stairs—in those days I could run—and he said, ‘that’s some pair of legs.’”

She started reading again, eating again, and even drinking her favorite cocktail—vodka and orange juice!

Here at Calvary, we treat the whole person, not just the disease. We touch our patients, hold their hands, and talk to them about their lives. I am Russian and I have a discernable accent. This led Jacqueline to jokingly call me her “Russian tyrant.”

“Are you going to call me a Russian tyrant?” I would ask, she would respond in jest, “I would never call this dear, sweet woman a Russian tyrant.” We laughed together.

Jacqueline and Alfredo never had kids, but they had one of those exceptional marriages that just worked. It was important for her to keep his
memory by telling me about him, and I loved hearing her stories. She
always called him “my baby” and told me that she had married, in
her words, “the most handsome Italian hunk you’ve ever seen.”

Jacqueline Rossi passed away on April 20 2008, and her name is on our
memory wall. I often walk past the wall and remember Jacqueline, her
sense of humor and strong sense of self.


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The book is our gift to Storrs Society members, Calvary's major gift appreciation program.  To learn more about becoming a member of Calvary's major donor society, click here.

Voices of Calvary is the much-anticipated follow-up book to Stories of Calvary, released in 2003.

Voices of Calvary,
an inspirational collection of patients, patients’ families and staff experiences at Calvary HospitalLearn More >>

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