Foundation & Corporate Support

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Foundation stewardship can advance programs in many ways. The Altman Foundation, one of New York’s venerable grantmakers, has been a loyal supporter of Calvary Hospital since 1928. Most recently, Altman has provided several significant grants of $100,000 to $150,000 for Calvary’s Nursing Home Hospice.

Funding from foundations and Corporations provides significant support for our special care for patients and families, and also for specific programs, such as Pastoral Care and Calvary@Home. Many family foundations maintain strong ties to Calvary, and give generously.

Corporations support Calvary in many ways, including matching gifts, participation in our Annual Golf & Tennis Classic, underwriting of Café Noel and other events for patients, and general support of the Hospital.

Calvary is grateful to the foundations and corporations that recognize the importance of our unique and historic mission, and that provide funding to help us continue to care for the patients and families who turn to us at a difficult time.

For more information about foundation and corporate giving, please call Leslie M. Bernstein, Director of Foundations and Corporate Relations, at (718) 518-2078 or email

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