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The Storrs Society of Calvary Hospital

In 1899, Annie Blount Storrs joined with other women leaders of the time and opened the House of Calvary on Perry Street in Greenwich Village to care for poor women afflicted with cancer and similar diseases.

From the outset, the diligence and devotion of the Women of Calvary was exemplary. They began with a single house and eight patient beds. By 1902, they had already expanded; there were two houses, 24 patient beds, and a waiting list. Their mission went beyond the care of their patient's illnesses -- to care for the spirit and dignity of life. Throughout the last century, Calvary has deepened and strengthened its mission of compassionate care. Consistent with its founders' intent, Calvary has always been a beacon of peace, calm, freedom from pain, and preservation of choice and dignity.

As Calvary begins its second century, it is recognized as the only fully accredited acute care specialty hospital dedicated exclusively to the palliative care of advanced cancer patients. This unique position enables Calvary to offer to other professionals the experience of successful care of advanced cancer patients and enhance the doctor/patient relationship.

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