Being a member of The Storrs Society demonstrates exemplary commitment to Calvary’s unique mission. This enables us to continue to set and attain the highest healthcare standards and goals possible.

When a young American widow named Annie Blount Storrs lived in France for a time during the late 19th Century, she learned of a very special organization called the Women of Calvary, whose mission was to provide comfort, consolation, and care to the destitute and terminally ill.

Mrs. Storrs was so struck by the power and compassion of this work that when she returned to the United States in 1899, she quickly gathered a small but committed group of women and recreated the Women of Calvary in New York City. They began with a single house and eight patient beds. By 1902, they had already expanded; there were two houses, 24 patient beds, and a waiting list. Their mission went beyond the care of their patient's illnesses -- to care for the spirit and dignity of life. Throughout the last century, Calvary has deepened and strengthened its mission of compassionate care. Consistent with its founders' intent, Calvary has always been a beacon of peace, calm, freedom from pain, and preservation of choice and dignity.

Today, Calvary carries on the vision of Annie Blount Storrs as the only hospital in the country specializing in end-of-life care. With state of the art medical facilities, round the clock pastoral care, a commitment to caring for the families of our patients, and a sacred mission of non-abandonment, Calvary has pioneered a new way to care for those on life’s final journey.

In recent years, Calvary has expanded its mission by bringing its unique care to a satellite campus in Brooklyn, to 24 nursing homes, and into the homes of countless patients through our unique Calvary@Home program. This expansion will continue as we try to provide as many people as possible with the kind of care envisioned by Annie Blount Storrs 110 years ago.

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