At Calvary Hospital, the privacy of patients’ health information is taken very seriously. Our policy is aligned with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules. To learn more about Calvary’s policy, please click here.

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Personalized Assistance

The Community Outreach staff is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding Calvary’s services and to assist in the referral process. Criteria for admission can be clarified by calling an Outreach Liaison Nurse.

They are available Monday through Friday

Patient & Family Tours

Families are encouraged to visit Calvary Hospital prior to transfer or while making the decision regarding transfer to Calvary.

Tours are given Monday through Saturday

Families need to schedule an appointment by calling the Family Care Center at (718) 518-2574.  Often, a visit to Calvary alleviates patient/family concerns and answers most questions.

Informational Presentations

Presentations can be made at your facility or at Calvary.
Topics include:

Calvary Hospital’s Program of Care

Inpatient Services 

Comprehensive Outpatient Clinic

Home Care


Calvary care includes

Control of pain and other symptoms associated with advanced cancer 

Nutrition counseling 

Referring patients for transfer to Calvary 

Financial concerns/Reimbursement

Patient and family support

Application / Admission Process

Calvary is proud to welcome patients of all backgrounds and beliefs. Any adult person who is diagnosed as having advanced cancer and needing medical services in an acute care specialty hospital is a candidate for admission.

Admission Process
For admission to Calvary Hospital or Outpatient Clinic, an application needs to be completed and submitted for review. Admission Application and descriptive brochures are available through the Community Outreach Department. For assistance, please call (718) 518-2300.

Social Workers, Case Managers and Discharge Planners at referring facilities can initiate the referral process by faxing a single page referral to Community Outreach Services (fax: 718-518-2670). The Outreach Nurse Liaison can complete the full application on-site at the facility if requested. Applications can also be initiated via telephone from community physicians, home care agencies, hospicesnursing homes and directly by patients or family.

The completed admission application is promptly reviewed by the medical/clinical staff to determine if the clinical criteria for admission is met. Once the application is determined to be acceptable, the Admitting Department will contact the referrer or family to verify insurance and schedule admission.

Click here for the admission application.

Admissions To Home Care and Hospice
For admission to Home Care or Home Hospice, a referral is made by calling the Home Care Coordinator. For assistance, please call the toll-free number at:
(866) 888-6680

Insurance Information
Calvary Hospital accepts patients participating in Medicare
and Medicaid programs, Blue Cross and other private
insurance carriers.

Some insurances do have limits to their coverage; therefore,
an admitting representative may discuss with the family what benefits may be obtained by applying for Medical Assistance (Medicaid) and also provide them with the information related to the Federally subsidized Hill-Burton uncompensated service program.

(718) 518-2300

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