Play Format

Men play from White tees
Ladies play from Red tees

The golf format for the event will be a four person scramble.   It must be played as follows: 

All players tee off from their respective tee positions.  The best shot of the four is selected, and all players play from that spot.  The ball must be placed within ONE club-length of the ball that has been selected.  This process is repeated until the ball is holed. 

 Please note: your lie cannot be improved (i.e. if the selected ball is in the rough, it cannot be moved to the fairway.)


If there are only 3 players on your team, player A will play two balls on the first hole, player B will play two balls on the second hole, player C will play two balls on the third hole, then repeat. 

***Par is your friend – Upon reaching the score of par, please pick up your ball and move to the next hole***


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