Consider yourself a star! Join the planning committee! 

It is through the generous support and tireless efforts of our committee that An Evening with the Stars continues to be an overwhelmingly successful fundraiser for Autism Speaks. The dedicated members of our Committee will help to promote the event, and commit to the important task of building networks and deepening relationships with the companies and individuals that support An Evening with the Stars and the continued fundraising efforts of the Chicagoland Chapter of Autism Speaks.  

For more information please contact Jose Macias at or 224-567-2814

Executive Producer
Have you been wanting to make a Deep Impact and Do the Right Thing in the autism community?  Can you recruit A Few Good Men (and women) to be sponsors of the event?  Perhaps your old college roommate works on Wall Street and wants to show you the money.  See your name in the headlights by being the Evening With the Stars' Executive Producer!  Click here for more info!

Dan Schlaack

Event Founders
Dan & Kerry Schlaack
Teri Steinberg

Coordinating Committee

Kenneth Aeuilela
Laura Ashman
Annette Bianchi
Jon Brouwers
Tricia Brouwers
Dene Brown
Michele Catalano
Agatha DeFranco
Larry Dement
Michelle Dixon
Kandis Draw
Tim Duhig
Mike Farnon
Jody Gaunt
Deb Gaunt
Diane Gedik
Yolanda Gonzalez
Steven Insoft
Carrie Kaye
Sarah Keats
Chris Kremzir
Quentin Lawphu
Wanda Lee
Myra Levin
Jessica Leving
Jose Macias
Tami and Spike Manton
Mary Mauch
Keith McCormick
Mia McNary
Lou Melgarejo
Katrina Mesina
Elizabeth Molnar
Sara Rebmann
Marco Rios
Mary Rios
Andrew Salgado
Annivar Salgado
Dan Schlaack
Kerry Schlaack
Deanna Seglem
Teri Steinberg
Ponmalar Velayntham
Somasundaram Velayntham
Kelly Zenere

2013 Honorary Committee

Ted Brunson
Chet Coppock
Aaron Freeman
State Senator Susan Garrett
Brian Glasgow
Mark Greene
Stefan Holt
John Janata
Tim Kazurinsky
Rick Kogan
Glen Kozlowski
State Representative Karen May
State Representative Chris Nybo
Jack O’Callahan
Jim Peterik
Mickey Pruitt
Village of Rosemont Mayor Bradley Stephens
Jim Thornton
Patti Vasquez
Kim Vatis
John Williams