Advocacy Center @ SSU


SSU schulz information centerAs an alumna/alumnus, family member or supporter of Sonoma State University and the California State University system, you CAN make a difference at SSU — but only if your voice is heard by our elected officials. Take action to support Sonoma State's advocacy efforts by selecting the Action Center link.

This online, interactive advocacy action center is your tool to reaching policy makers. Through this site your voice and those of many other alumni will be heard by elected officials and other policy makers.

Show the state's lawmakers that you care about higher education and value what Sonoma State has done for you and our community. Join us in our mission to promote access to a high quality college education for all academically eligible students and to make student success a reality. With your help we can ensure that Sonoma State and the CSU system remain a priority for elected officials, community leaders and others involved in the legislative and budget processes. It is important that our faculty, staff and students have the support they need to continue the tradition of leadership, excellence and opportunity that Sonoma State University has established.