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I Go To Prepare A Trail For You

Mikanakawa Lodge:  1937-1987

By Peter McNabb
Copyright © 1987, 1999-2008 Mikanakawa Lodge 101       




Early Years

Patches, Sashes and Flaps

Lodge Chiefs

Lodge Advisers

Indian Lore

The Life and Death of Hazing

Dinners and Fellowships

The Big Pow Wows

Cheerful Service


The Trail Continues



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    I would like to individually thank a number of people for their help in making this book possible:  Ed Reitz for his knowledge of patches and photographs of them.  Gary Wisler for his editing expertise.  C.W. Schimelpfenig for his marketing and financial assistance.  Fred Haynes --who could tell you more about 1937 than I could tell you about 1986.  Agnes McNabb--World's Greatest Proofreading Mom.  Daria McNabb--World's Greatest Proofreading Wife.  Bill Jordan-- the Lodge's resident expert on the late 1940's and early 1950's.  Eric Stoddard--a great source of reference on the Lodge's last 20 years.  Asa Leger--Mr. OA of the 1960's and early 1970's. Chris Colgin for giving me a Mikanakawa mug with the words of a thousand wise men:  "He alone is worthy to wear the arrow who will continue faithfully to serve his fellow men."  Jimmy Harris for his meticulous collection of old Mikanakawa newsletters.  David Wisler for his computer expertise.  Jim Hodge--a better story-teller is not to be found.  My best friend Harry Bubeck for talking me into this whole project and helping me along the way.  Chuck Wagner--a modern-day Solomon who is always available to lend an ear.  Hennington Publishing--Cheerful Service is their aim, as well as ours.  Margaret Hudson for pushing me toward Hennington and giving me plenty of printing advice.  Earl Hagn--has anyone ever seen a more striking owl than the one he drew on the cover of this book?  Ric Wilkins--cut from the same block as the late L.L. Hotchkiss. Jim Cavalleri--a fountain of information on the early years.  Donny Tullis--without his photographs, this book would not be complete.  Tom Switser for setting headline type for free and digging up old photos from The Mikanakawan files at Mix Printing.  Dr. Ray Telfair II for his information and photos on the late 1950's and early 1960's.  Many thanks to Jim Ince for his patience, support and trust.  And most of all, thanks be to The Great Scoutmaster of all Scouts who prepares the trail for each of us every day of our lives.   This book is humbly dedicated to Him.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Peter McNabb

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Copyright © 1987, 1999-2003 Mikanakawa Lodge 101, Order of the Arrow
Circle Ten Council, Boy Scouts of America. All rights reserved.

Book Printed by
Hennington Publishing Co.
Wolfe City, Texas

Cover illustration by Earl Hagn

Permission must be obtained in writing from Mikanakawa Lodge 101 or Circle Ten Council, BSA prior to reproduction in any form.

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