Founder Erik Viirre, Ph.D., MD discusses Customized Sound Therapy® for Tinnitus

at Audiology Now Online from Audiology Now 2010


Title: Customized Sound Therapy(r) for Tinnitus Control
Presenter: Erik Viirre, Ph.D., Founder, Tinnitus Otosound Products, LLC
Course Type: Recorded Event

Cost: Free to View
Length: 60 minutes
CEUs/Hours: Offered: AAA/0.1 Intermediate; BAA/1.0; CAA/1.0; Calif.
HADB/1.0, Hearing Aid Related; IHS/1.0; Kansas DHE, LTS-S0035/1.0

With technological breakthroughs in recent years, the hearing aid industry has been able to deliver better fittings, better sound quality and power efficiency. It is believed that most  Tinnitus is the result of hearing loss and pitch matches for tinnitus are largely above 4000 Hz, suggesting that tonotopic pathways in the high frequencies are over-active. The very high incidence of tinnitus, (over 40 Million Americans), demonstrates the need for attention to the higher auditory ranges. For management of tinnitus, several items are necessary: medical screening, assessment of lifestyle influences from tinnitus and understanding of treatment options. Each of these items will be reviewed and recent results using advanced technology including the Customized Sound Therapy (CST) system for tinnitus therapy will be described.


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