F. Richard Moore, Ph.D.
Dick Moore is a Co-Founder and Director adding his expertise in sound synthesis hardware and software design to the Founder Team. His electronic music career started at AT&T Bell Laboratories in 1967 for 13 years researching in computer music (collaboratively developed the MUSIC V and GROOVE systems); digital audio signal processing; speech and music waveform coding techniques; digital hardware design; psychoacoustic evaluation of audio signals; programming and sound synthesis education. He later moved to Stanford University in 1973, as an instructor in computer music, digital signal processing; interdisciplinary courses in Values, Technology & Society program. Dick designed and built one of the first real time digital music synthesizers. He joined University of California, San Diego in 1979 where he is Professor of Music. At UCSD he is a Founding Director, Computer Audio Research Laboratory; Director, UCSD Center for Music Experiment and Related Research (now the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts). In 1996 he became Chair, Department of Music. Most recently he assumed Interim Provost responsibilities for UCSD Sixth College.


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