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eInsights - July 15, 2008

The Spina Bifida Community’s Goodwill Ambassadors

This year has seen an incredible amount of goodwill among the Spina Bifida Community. Below we share two particularly heartwarming stories.

xxRenee and Bill Bercury's Good Will
Renee and Bill Bercury are owners of a three-year-old racehorse called Good Will. The couple purchased this Donerail-Celestial Way trotter, originally named C Small Hanover, at the 2006 Adios horse sale. They renamed him Good Will and, inspired by an indelible encounter with Scott and Pat Price – two of the Spina Bifida Community's strongest father and son advocates, committed themselves and their beautiful horse to the Spina Bifida cause.

While in Alaska in 2004, the Bercurys met Scott and Pat who were in the midst of traveling to every state to research a book about the good in life. What particularly impressed the Bercurys was Pat's determination as a person with Spina Bifida who wasn't letting his need for a wheelchair hinder his professional pursuits.

Subsequently, the Bercurys made a donation to the Spina Bifida Association, and the Prices later published their book Looking for Goodwill, but the story did not end there.

The Bercurys and the Prices had a few other chance encounters in Alaska that made them realize their fate. Thus, when the opportunity to purchase Good Will came about, the Bercurys immediately invested in his future and ultimately in SBA 's future too.

Whenever Good Will races, the Spina Bifida Community is behind each leg of the race as 10% percent of the gelding's earnings go to SBA.

Now that's real goodwill!

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