Legal Referrals Policy

The Board of Directors of the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation, Inc., hereby resolves as follows regarding its policy on legal referrals for patients and family members.



The Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation believes that mesothelioma patients and their families generally need and deserve legal representation. Mesothelioma patients and their families typically face enormous medical bills, loss of employment income due to disability, and other major financial losses. The expert medical care needed to fight the disease as effectively as possible often is very expensive, not covered by insurance, and requires travel. Recovering financial damages through a lawsuit may be the only way patients and their families can afford such care, and recover from the other financial losses they face.


Not just at an individual level, but also at a societal level, legal action by mesothelioma patients and their families serves an important function. Mesothelioma results from past conduct of companies that manufactured and distributed asbestos which has been determined by courts throughout the United States to have been unjust and culpable. Bringing a personal injury lawsuit is the primary method provided by system to deter similar conduct in the future, and to establish some sense of justice. Also, at least to date, mesothelioma litigation has been the primary method of generating funds for mesothelioma medical research, thereby offering hope of effective treatment to all current and future patients and thus addressing the problem at its most fundamental level.


Therefore, when appropriate, the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation encourages mesothelioma patients and families to retain a reputable, high quality mesothelioma attorney. The Foundation also encourages meso patients and families, and the attorneys that represent them, to “give back” by using some of the proceeds generated from legal action to fund mesothelioma medical research.


At the same time, the Foundation is not a legal referral service and provides medical advice and medical referral but will not provide legal referrals.


Also, because the Foundation is committed that all mesothelioma plaintiffs’ law firms can be involved in the mission to cure the disease, the Foundation is adamant that it will not favor, or even create the appearance of favoring, any particular law firm(s). All donations received from legal entities will be reported as required by law and recognized on our website and in written materials.



Therefore, the Foundation’s policy regarding speaking with patients about legal representation is:


Foundation representatives may discuss the above general views of the Foundation with any patient or family member.


The Foundation‘s representative shall explain that the Foundation is not a legal referral service, and cannot specifically recommend any firms. 


The Foundation representative shall not single out any of the listed firms, but shall only refer to them as an entire group, as being firms that have demonstrated a commitment to the mission of the Foundation by donating to our program.


I hereby certify that the above Policy and Practice re Legal Referrals was adopted by majority vote of the Board of the Foundation this 8thday of March, 2008.





M.Ann Abbe


The Mesothelioma Applied Research

Foundation, Inc.

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