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Frequently Asked Mesothelioma Legal Questions (FAQ)
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Legal Claims
Mesothelioma patients and families face high medical expenses, loss of employment, future financial uncertainties, and the injustice of having been exposed – unwillingly or without proper warnings and safeguards – to a commercially produced carcinogen. They need mesothelioma advice and legal representation from a reputable, dedicated mesothelioma attorney.

Note: The Meso Foundation does not provide legal referrals. We are not affiliated with any law firm and have no financial relationship with any law firm other than as a recipient of charitable donations.

In 2013, these mesothelioma attorneys have demonstrated their true dedication by supporting what all meso patients need most - research to develop a cure.

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Legal Guide for Those with a Serious Illness

This guide, published by the American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging, discusses topics such as paying for the healthcare you need, making a plan to manage your health and personal decisions", making a plan to manage your money", and knowing your rights as a patient and employee.


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