Asbestos in the Home

How to find asbestos in the home.

It’s not uncommon for homes, especially those built before 1980, to have asbestos particles in floor tiles, insulation, ceilings, roof shingles, siding and other areas of the home. Asbestos is linked to mesothelioma, an aggressive cancer that occurs in the lining of the chest, heart, lungs and abdomen.

The dangers of asbestos in the home arise when asbestos particles become airborne. This could happen in situations that stir up dust consisting of asbestos particles. One example of this is when the use of ceiling fans or opening and closing of window coverings in rooms with old ceilings releases asbestos into the air.

Asbestos Home Inspection

How do you know if your home contains asbestos? Having an asbestos home inspection can provide these answers for you.

It is recommended that a certified asbestos professional conduct the asbestos inspection in your home. Key areas the inspection might emphasize are:

Learn more about the dangers of asbestos in the home and how exposure to asbestos from many years ago can lead to mesothelioma symptoms now.

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